Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Grandpa admires Aadhi playing puzzles

We were in Karaikal in my father's house on Saturday. Aadhi felt very new to the environment, as this is his third visit. The earlier two visits I don't he will remember as he was too small. I hope he will forget this visit when he visits next year.

I thought I should give him zig-saw puzzle game of joining two pieces of six animals (his favorite) as an ice-breaking exercise. He was sitting in my lap for few moments and then gradually he got so involved in the game. He even started explaining the game to the two kids who came to see us.

My father, 62 years old man who shaped me started admiring how Aadhi was selecting the right piece and matching them to form the complete animal. He started saying "Very Good" and clapping as he was very proud about his grandson. For him this was something GREAT, because he lives in the village, not exposed to the play schools. This was his first experience of seeing educative toys. Kids younger than Aadhi may do many more things than him though.

காக்கைக்கு தன் குஞ்சு பொன்குஞ்சு!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Aadhi tried to stop water leakage

When we got down in Villupuram, he saw water dripping from the tap, Aadhi was worried water is wasted, and he wanted to stop it. He tried to stop it but failed. I was thinking the whole day why I, my husband and many adults who are crossing could not take initiative to stop it. May be Aadhi being a child wants to play with water, he is attracted to it. I was worried how we are not insensitive to issues around us until it hurts us. I should have reported the railways department.
Children are more sensitive to water issues. See this video. The child in this video is not Aadhi.

Aadhi learns numbers

Aadhi's first train travel was from Madurai to Villupuram. He watched the trees and started saying "தென்னை மரம்" which means coconut trees. I used this opportunity to teach numbers. When there was one tree, I taught "ஒன்னு" when there was one tree, "ரெண்டு" when there were two trees. I am introducing words and names of animals and birds, almost every thing in Tamil. When there was many trees in groves, he said நிறைய தென்னை மரம். Then he stated counting the cows, goats from his windows. He was busy learning numbers or counting till we reached Villupuram.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


As a mother, I thought I should give the best education to my son. I made a survey of play schools and Montessori schools available near my office. Later after analyzing pros and cons, I decided one and took my husband by compulsion. We both went to the school and asked details. They were more concerned about the fees and conditions. As an enthusiastic mother, I requested to permit us to have a glance of the school. The lady in charge did not agree to the request. I was successful in convincing the lady and we went around.

She narrated how they will engage the child with toys, alphabets, numbers, communication....She was very proud showing a little girl, whose mother is working in a town (500 kms away), she visits only once in a week, her father takes home only in late night and bring here early in the morning. For her this is her second home......

I came out of the school brimmed with joy. At last I found a place to educate my son where he can feel at home. I started dreaming my son reciting rhymes, counting numbers, speaking in English....I looked at my husband to get YES to my decision..

He replied, Let Aadhi continue going to Palwadi/ Anganwadi. In our home we already have similar set of educative toys like puzzles, activity games and charts displaying Tamil and English alphabets, numbers, fruits, vegetables, birds, animals, English and Tamil rhymes books cassettes and CDs. Let us purchase a new set of everything we have and give it to Palwadi. Let all the poor children get a feel of play school. If Aadhi joins the play school, his world may be limited to the play school alone, exposed to elite people lives and he may demand luxury than need. He may not know the pain of practical life.

I came home very much satisfied for the wise decision of my husband. We gave a new set to Palwadi. Aadhi enjoys playing the toys with other children. I praise the Lord for a wise husband and an opportunity to practice SUBMISSION instead of argument.